We are pleased to announce the release of OTUS v5.0.

Version: 5.0

Release Type: Maintenance
Release Date: 05/24/2014

- In that page: /grades/student_controls/ the attendance show for the periode of the control
- in that page: /grades/student_controls/ showing at the bottom, the average by group of subjects for the control
- In that page: /students/view/ archives button
- in the page: memos/printing/ the label of memos should be in h3
- Logo or picture of the student or blank in the page:
  • grades/student_print/
  • grades/students_bulletin_print/
  • grades/student_print/

- Promotion remark field for the year
- Promotion decision field for the whole year

- Add library on the menu after Memo to open the module
- Report: list all books that are pass due date
- Report: list all books that are not return yet
- Report: list all books in the system
- Rent a book
- List of books and be able to create a new book
- Be able to video chat with user of other organisation in private and conference
- Be able to chat with user same organisation
- Moodle integration, single sign-on with OTUS
- Professor access
- Parent and student access
- List of student with attendance for periode
- Switching Year
- Prepare next year page
- Print list of profile selected
- Print the profile
- View the profil
- Add the button to open profile
- Report Recap for all control of the student

Bug fixes
- the button delete in the page grades/subjects/ is faster and don't crash
- The button reactivate in the page grades/subjects/ reactivate subject for the subcontrol

Sâmbătă, MaI 24, 2014

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